Friday, 9 April 2010

'flowers to go' for Lynda

I love this time of year when I can walk around my beautiful garden picking flowers for friends. I do have to be careful not to get caught picking too many as Tony would prefer them all to be left alone as they look so pretty in the garden. I ask you!!! I grew them for the very purpose of giving the away. I always strip off the lower leaves and band them up so they are 'ready to go' and be plonked straight into a vase.
Saves all that messing about when there are more important things to do like pouring out the drinks. Talking about drink, I went to a gin tasting evening last night where was the tonic, ice and lemon?! It was great fun to learn about the evil drink and trying out six varieties. Tanqueray No 10 was my favourite but at £28.00 I'm not sure I shall be buying it!
A botle of tonic did appear at the very end and we all eagerly quoffed the dregs from the six bottles although the Aviation brand was decidedly the most unpopular. Tasted like surgical spirit to me....yukity, yukity YUK!

Helibores love living here...I have several varieties and they are all doing well. Anything that comes up year after year is welcome here....polyanthus, grape hyacinth and those pretty pink and blue flower in the idea what they are called but they form lovely big clumps and fill the gaps. I another week the garden will look even better, althouh the daffodils will be over by then.
We're off for a pickky-dippy favourite sort of food!
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