Thursday, 30 September 2010

lino cut fairy, cupcakes, swiss chard, a clean oven and a birthday!

Oh what a busy time I've been having so I thought I do one big, newsy blog. Today I got to print my lino cut fairy I ve been working on....yes I know fairies aren't black but it seemed the easiest option!
I've really enjoyed having this to work on all week, and as the days have gone by I've found it getting easier to do. There are numerous 'skid marks' across the surface where I have lost control and you can see that I left her hair until last. Well, I'm glad I did as I had to hang around for an hour and a half today in class before I was able to coat my silk screen and then expose it for the cupcake poster I am HOPING to make!
I carefully carved away at her hair and I was pleased with the result. (Top picture)
Here, you can see that I started to carve away the background around the letters but I DIDN'T WANT TO DO THAT!!!! Ah well.....I shall put it down to experience....
A close up of her face shows the first efforts at hair a few days ago before deciding to leave it till later
Ah....quick change of subject here....Claire has a good crop of rainbow Swiss chard and none of her family like it so I've been cooking it up and hiding it in as many dishes as I can as Tony is not keen either!!!! It hides particularly well when stir fied with bigger vegetables, especially when cup up small...
Last night I sauteed it with red onion, garlic and ginger. When it was cold I made a salad by adding tinned lentils, red peppers, soy sauce, balsamic vinegar, salt and brown sugar
EVENTUALLY I got to make my photographic screens in class today. I took my own little fabric printing screen in and coated it too so I can use it at are some little bags in the making. I am going to colour the cupcakes in using silk or facric paints....experimentation needed! (Will blog that another day)
These T shirts have been around for 8 years so got ALL of them printed tonight. Will paint them too at some time
Ahhhhh oven was disgusting....I don't DO oven cleaning....anyway....I had got a box of Oven Pride in my cupboard (been there for past 5 years) but the other day I opened it and just HAD to share the incredible results. You stuff all the racks in the big plastic bag (supplied) and pour in the caustic goo and just go off and do lots of can see what all just washes off.
The racks have not been this clean since the oven was new....
And finally, my dear friend Elaine had a birthday yesterday so it was fine excuse to bake a cake....well a Swiss roll to be precise.....
I couldn't resist adding this picture...! Happy birthday Elaine xx

Will be back soon

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