Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Lily and Daisy will make your dreams come true!

Nearly finished....Hope and Grace came to visit this morning so we talked about the hanging and words to sew around it. Hope also decided that her fairy needed more hair so she added some to her drawing and I copied it.
The background is a piece of fabric which I screen printed a long time ago and the border is hand dyed, old cotton sheeting....what else?!
Ooooh dear... the colour of the hanging is not right at all! It is pink, not lilac. I shall re-photograph it when I have finished it

This is Hope's fairy...her name is Daisy and she will make your dreams come true!

I added some 3D flowers to hold the layers together and will get round to binding it soon.
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Marg said...

That is fabulous, they must be so happy. I still say it, you are so creative. How wonderful to turn their lovely fairy drawings into something beautiful and permanent, they are very lucky girls.

dandelion dreamer said...

thank you Marg. And I am a very lucky granny to have two little girls to make things for!