Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Thing-a-day 22 Scrapbook bag from old jeans!

I have really enjoyed doing today's 'thing-a-day'. I'm teaching at Belstead this weekend and I've been busy getting everything ready.
It was thrilling to find a book I had finished after teaching there last time and it dearly needed a cover to protect it.

This was the perfect time to dig out those old jeans that I had used to wipe my hands on while screen printing with GREEN paint....and I was delighted to find that I could make TWO bags from it (avoiding the green!) and I shall
show the other one tomorrow when it is finished. Scroll down to the end to read how I made them....
Cut the jeans up the centre front and the centre back. Cut down the inside
leg and then, when you open them out, you have two large areas to work on.
Fold one half up the way and cut to size. I included the waistband to make
it look more interesting as a flap.
The bottom edge was sewn to the felt lining and then the side seams machined
upo. Ditto with the lining
I was realy, REALLY annoyed with myself for forgetting to sew the laminated
photo on the bag BEFORE I sewed it up......I always like to be reminded
which of my many books are in each bag!
The felt lining was hand sewn in place and then hot glue used to attach
velcro dots on the flap. JOB DONE!

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