Sunday, 11 April 2010

Cambridge, Lambrettas, Kings College and flowers

Flowers along the backs of kings College

l city and so rarely take the time to enjoy it so today we were tourists here in Cambridge. the first job of the day was to book a holiday and so we planned a cruise in the Aegean for 7b days. This means I have a couple of months to trim up so I can buy an entire holiday wardrobe...SO we cycled into town.....I have a cracking new brace on my left arm now and was really pleased to find I can ride my bike OK. No excuses for not cycling to work again. Tony had banned me since my fall last November.
It was hard work getting back on my bike today but I kept thinking of all those calories I was killing

The punters were out in force along with the touts at every street corner trying to entice us on a chaufeured tour of the bacxks. I need a BIG BADGE announcing that I am not a tourist!
I was pleased to be allowed to walk through kings grounds today without being charged as we are local. The ported seemed happy enough for us to go and pick up an application form for a pass and he let us in

Another photo opportunity, this time for a card design perhaps? It is part of the door on Kings College Chapel. I checked out how my cards are selling in Primavera and all my cupcake cards had gone so must go in tomorrow and try and get another order...

There seemed to be a Lambretta convention in Cambridge this morning. Dozens of gleaming scooters lined the pavements by the river and took me back to my pregnant days when Tony would ride along swerving to avoid all the potholes between Milton and Histon as he teetered on the edge of the seat to avoid my huge bump!
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Cynthia L. said...

Wonderful photos. You are very good at taking good pictures.

May I ask, what are punters?

My cousin is in England, but we don't talk much, so I don't always know what some words mean. i do like the word punter though and would like to know what it means.