Monday, 25 February 2013

Escape! Sun printing, Desigual inspired shirt and making faces!

I have had a blissful weekend away with friends and sewed till after midnight. BLISS!!!!! Here is a quilt I made a while ago. The colour squares are made with sun printing using transparent fabric paint and then placed in the sun after laying on leaves to create the patterns. As the fabric dries, the area beneath the mask loses colour. how cool is that?
I decided that I wanted to add some free machine quilting to it so I used black thread and machined over the coloured squares fast, loose and free. GREAT fun!!
I will post a picture of it when I have added a hanging sleeve to it
Here is a face in the making for another project and as a teaching sample for my Fabric Faces
 day school.
I enjoyed adding stuff to my Desigual inspired shirt. Here is a cupcake recipe...This was Hilary's idea. Fun isn't it?
and the cupcakes of course, all sparkled up with blingy bits....
I have added a little more stamping to the front and a splattering of beads and I think it must be nearly finished!!
I will post my shirt when I have added the last few bits then I'm going to have a lot of fun wearing it!
See you soon
Moira x


Sue said...

You are having fun......all your projects look really delicious:)

Sandie said...

Your quilt is amazing, Moira, so full of colour!
Your shirt is tantalizing, sneak glimpses is keeping me intrigued and wanting to see more x

The Nocturnal Stitcher said...

hi Moria, just popped over from The Nocturnal Stitcher and started following you on the recommendation of a mutual friend - the lovely Lauren. I'm loving the sun printing. It's just a great idea with stunning results. I look forward to delving further into your blog. Jill