Sunday, 10 February 2013

The Fallen Angel Co is now on Facebook!

Ho hum......I am feeling quite pleased with myself and have finally got my 'Fallen Angel' Facebook page up and running even though I thought about creating it in 2011! Here it is here Come on over....I hope you 'like' it!!

I'm just hoping it works. If I was really clever I could add a button for it on my blog but it is late at night and I don't think I am quite up to it!!

I've been away for a while as our girlie Claire has been in hospital longer than was planned and much later than expected. Life has been on hold for quite some time. She had her VP shunt replaced with a Miethke one a few weeks ago and she is so sparkly, lively and full of fun now her pressure setting is right. Inter-cranial brain pressure makes such a difference to personality....but sadly doctors do not recognise the fine nuances  personality as being important....but they are to close relatives who see the changes but now hopefully, she will stay well and life will return to normal.

Normality.....this is something that you simply take for granted day after day. Boring, humdrum know....doing the weekly shop, cooking, cleaning, getting your hand round the 'u' bend..... all that boring stuff that you wish you could break free from, but it all grinds to a halt when someone close to you is ill and you find your whole being tied in worrying about them and endless hospital trips, in Claire's case to London, which took whole days at a time. You long for normality to return...nothing spectacular, just that comfortable familiarity of day today ordinariness.

My creative being was stolen from me but now I'm hoping I might find it this week lurking in a pot of bright pink paint or maybe it will come out from my sewing machine needle if I invite it to try speeding across some colourful fabric. I think I shall set my alarm clock early and make myself leap out of bed and think YAY!! time to play, and if I find it, I shall blog about it!


Gina said...

Pleased to hear that life is returning to normal for you!

Sandra Rowney said...

Good news indeed!
Look forward to seeing the new surge of creativity but don't spend too long going around the U bend! s x

Sandie said...

Love the new look blog too, Moira. Sometimes the mundane can be really satisfying and soothing after a time of disruption. Hope you find your creativity and enjoy playing again.