Tuesday, 19 February 2013

My machine has been busy at last inspired by Alex Waylett!!!

Oh what a lovely time I have been having. It was 'Textiles in Focus' at Cottenham Village College last weekend and I booked up for Alex Waylett's teaching session. I had a BALL!! She is such a superb teacher...I really do recommend her. Do take a peek at her website....her work is wonderful!

We started off by being inspired by pictures of Angie Lewin's work. Her screen prints are very simplistic and stylised and perfect inspiration.
I'm afraid I forgot to take my camera so I don't have any step photos of my work. We chose three shapes and cut them out of cardboard and then sponged around them with sumptuous paints in blues and greens

Next, we slapped paint onto the card shapes and stamped into the white spaces. There were a few commercial stamps there too so I added some flowers to my design. Why not?!!

I was so inspired that as soon as I got home I fired up my machine and flew around freely adding my trademark black detail to the design. It made such a difference! I even pushed the boat out and used GOLD thread too...now there is a turn up for the books! You cannot sew as fast with gold or it shreds so I was very patient and only had to re-thread three times!!! LOL. If you scroll up you will see some of the gold free machining on the other pictures
Finally, on Monday I joined a group of other people for a hand stitching morning and had fun adding beads and sequins to add some BLING!! Now.....I have to decide what I am going to do with it. WATCH THIS SPACE!!! I am away for a retreat this weekend and it is coming with me to be made into a bag...(or something....who knows what!)

Thank you once again to Alex for giving me the creative boost I really need at the moment x


Gina said...


bubblemunch said...

Beautiful - great colour palette.

Sue said...

This is really a fascinating piece of work. You have even signed it in stitches....wonderful

Sandra Rowney said...

Great to see your designs flying again! Sandra xx