Thursday, 3 February 2011

Thing-a-day 3

Thing-a-day 3
For today's 'thing' I have made a cover (Jacqui's idea!) for a cheapo Tesco
jotter. It was quick and easy to make.

1 Cut mount board to size x 2
2 Cover the boards using paper 3/4" larger all around

3 cut off the four corners about 1/8" from the edge. NOT too close or you
wont get a neat result!
4 Apply glue to the edges, fold over and press in place
Machine stitch around a photo and add a few bits of torn, hand dyed fabric
as you go....! NO idea where the photo went!! it is on Thing-a-day!

5 Glue the photo to the front of the covered board
6 Apply glue to the front of the jotter and stick the cover in place
7 Do the same for the back
8 Iron some Bondaweb (Wunda-unda?!!)to the back of a small piece of fabric
9 Cut the fabric to size to fit over the top and down the back same as the

10 iron it in place
11 Stamp a word on the top
12 Add a gem
Now I'm off to prepare dinner for 5 girlies tonight....suzi has suggested
Fajhitas so that's is what we are having!

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Susan Allan said...

Fantastic project...thank you so much for the tutorial. You mentioned tissue paper; think I have made fabric with it before, but if I have forgotten how, I will ask your advice. It is only out of sight, not discarded...I love tissue paper, in fact all materials. Thanks again for your clear instructions....genious way to brighten up a little notebook.

Sue xx