Friday, 4 February 2011

Hope's 8th Birthday card.. Thing-a-day 4!

I realised at 7am today that it is Hope's 8th birthday and I hadn't made her a card so here is one I did for her in the 10 minutes I had before walking Rosie! time for step photos as I was doing it....too hassled!!!!!
The background fabric is one I made with the girls several years ago using spritzed dyes. They had fun using rubber stamps to pattern the background so all I had to do today was to applique the bird on it and the number. Phew! I will work on the design and make some numbered cards for my range. I don't want to be using commercial stamps in the background for fear or breaking copyright laws!

Anyway....I'm pleased to report good cards sales today. I got a new account in Brampton...a delightful shop stuffed full of goodies so keeping my fingers crossed my cards sell well and she comes back for more!

See you again tomorrow

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