Friday, 15 October 2010

Colourful Friday

I was SO excited yeterday to stumble across a Colourful Friday blog....this week's challenge is green.....but I can't find it again so not able to link to it. you can see, I have had fun taking piccies of green stuff in my studio and created a couple of collages....
My sweetie jar full of green fabrics and those luscious green organza ribboms...mmmmm..... I dug out my trading cards too.....never did get them finished or start trading day! The campervan is one of my new card designs


Susan Allan said...

How gorgeous.
I love the green collage.
I once made a 'camper van' card for a friend..I took a photograph of a tiny little ceramic camper van and used the photograph in her card. It was very successful.. but you are one step ahead, making your own stamps...I wish I knew how to do that.
Your sense of colour is amazing!!
Sue xxx

Marg said...

I saw that somewhere today too, but i can't help as i didn't bookmark it.
I love your collages, they look great, and some really interesting items in there.

Neet said...

Love your collage - love lime green.

You commented on my blog the other day - I was in Llandudno in Wales.