Thursday, 14 October 2010

My Creative Space Thursday

Here is the second picture in Hope’s story about the Princess and the Pie. The princess was so sad that her pie flew away to Pieland that another pie, that she had NOT baked, came along and flew her to Pieland to find her pie! (see yesterday's blog)
I have not finished it yet…she will need lots of bling as her name is Princess Sparkle. I am off to my screenprinting class right now so will finish it later

Thank you thank you to Spyder for telling me how to add buttons, Haven’t managed a button to Workdesk Wednesday yet…I’ve lost in in my computer but I did manage another button. Will try again later!


Borboleta Serrana said...

Thank you for your comment:) Your draw is so beautiful!!!!!It's a great draw to stitch;)
I'm not Spanish, I'm Portuguese, sorry my English, but I didn't learn at school:((
Have a great week end:))

Susan Allan said...

Hi Moira
Have just discovered you this week and 'adore' what you are so talented. I have become a follower and will link you to my sidebar for easy access....I do hope you don't mind.

I would love to see some of the cards you make...if I track back through your blog, maybe they will be there. I have a similar plan for 'Folksy' and I am just getting organised.

Keep busy!
Sue xx

ana @ i made it so said...

she's lovely, swooping through the air like that!

Chris said...

I love the cupcake dress!

Thank you for your comment too.

Chris said...

I love the cupcake dress!

Thank you for your comment too.

Big and Little with Odd Socks said...

Thank you for attempting the huggy messsage on my blog. I love your illustrations for the book and do so wish I could draw/paint like that.