Monday, 25 May 2009

flying on the wings of dreams!

Our local charity shop was selling children's books for £1.00 a bag so I stocked up on baby board books to convert during the coming months! I wore a dust mask and blattered them with Tony's orbital sander and then gave each page a coat of white emulsion. The purists say use gesso but have you seen the PRICE of it? In the quantities I'm using here emulsion works just fine. Mind you....I did get into a spot of bother when I dropped one into the tub of paint!

Our quilt group has a show in September and we are having a bag raffle so here is my contribution in progress, just to show I am doing something other than losing weight! I was looking for something in a cupboard the other day and came across a huge pile of fabric I had screen printed a year ago and not used. I added a fairy, some machine embroiderey and a few words.

Next job is add a handle and get it finished. I also plan to add some fun bits to the strap. I'll be back in a day or with the end result.

I would like to share a funny little story.....I decided to shave my legs for the summer and spent ages doing it perfectly. WELL....imagine my surprise to find my legs still hairy when I get dried. I rushed off to throw the offending razor in the bin to find I had done the whole process with the cover still on!!!!!

PS Legs now suitably shaved
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bubblemunch said...

Great idea re children's board books - never thought of it!
Emulsion should be perfect (gesso is v expensive isn't it?) ... John Myatt (famous old master fraudster - now reformed and doing great telly) used it on a lot of his paintings that were tested by the big auction houses and passed as authentic!!