Saturday, 17 January 2009


This week's inspiration from 'Inspire Me Thursday' is 'breakfast'. Great! My favourite meal of the day, particularly weekend breakfasts. I set the table the night before with pretty, old crockery I've picked up from boot sales. We have a big selection of preserves, including Claire's Bramble Brew made from blackberries picked from the local hedgerows with the help of her two little girls. I pour the milk into an old jug and make a big pot of fresh coffee in my 1950's silver plated cafetiere.

Sunday mornings are Tony's favourite when we have boiled eggs. Often our grandchildren stay the night and love pricking the eggs before I put them into the boiling water. Just occasionally one bursts and there is a little squeal of horror, but Rosie is always on hand to help out if needed. Raw egg is good for her coat! The little one has one egg and will have to wait until she's five before she can have two like the rest of us. (We always tell her she has the BIGGEST egg)

My 86 year old Mum joins us with her 'tin', filled with freshly made oatcakes; rustic and delicious. There are 'fun ones' for the children (she never re-rolls) She has been making her oatcakes for over twenty years but sadly has decided that when her stash of oatmeal is finished she will stop production. I guess I shall have to take on the tradition although secretly, I am hoping Tony might!

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