Sunday, 1 January 2012

Happy New Year!

Little me. A doodle I did a couple of years ago....

Well, it is the first day of a wonderful New Year. A new chance to make a fresh start, to feel energised, be creative and make a success of my little card making business. It is nearly midnight as I write life has taken my day but that is how I like it. Everything else has to slot around it and fill in all the little gaps in my day.
It was fun playing on the computer yesterday with Hope. Here is her Gluten Flea! The background is one of my wax and watercolour resist papers

I made a good start to the New Year by walking round by the barn at a good speed....something I've not done for a few weeks as it has been so dark and dreary. I plan to make myself do that every day now. No excuses! All the chocolates have gone, I've finished the stollen, we've eaten all the cheese.....all that remains in my fridge are a few healthy vegetables, a couple of ancient yogurts, far too much bacon, a tub of quark. WHY? There is something too healthy about the stuff. I buy it with great expectations of making something incredibly delicious but I never get much further than getting the lid off! The texture is offputting. Am I missing something here? Can you make anything tasty with it? We'll see.....

I am in for a busy time in the next few weeks as I have taken a stand at the Spring Fair at the NEC in Birmingham to show my card range and I plan to have 12 new designs by then. First step is to turn on my creativity and then get ready to roll. I am going to hand embellish this range of cards and need to get thinking and playing, playing, playing until I get it right. I guess I need a phrase for this year.....something like keep on trying, don't give up, you CAN do it! Believe in yourself, the sky is the kind to yourself
Anyway, what I do plan to do this year is get to grips with blogger. I love this little space where I can share what I've been up to. It's like a diary I can add photos to. It is fun taking a peek into other people's lives too...there are so many creative people out there. I also hope to get a bit fitter and to make more time for friends. Last year I was on a rollercoaster as I tried to get my business up and running. This year, I am giving it one big push at the trade fair in February and then I'm hoping to sell my cards online too. It all takes time and energy and I am going to have them both in abundance!!!

I wish all my creative friends a truly wonderful year, filled with happiness, fun and laughter. May 2012 be a truly great year!


Marg said...

Happy New Year.
Good luck with the trade fair in Feb, I'm sure you will get lots and lots of orders for your cards.
Sounds like you had a very nice start to the year.
I haven't used Quark as I can never find it when I want it and when I see it in the store I can never remember what recipe I needed it for.

Sandra Rowney said...

Happy New Year!
For Quark try
alternatively use it to grout the tiles in the new shower.