Friday, 30 December 2011

Christmas 2011

I LOVE this picture, taken after lunch on Christmas day as we all set off, with the two dogs, around by the barn. My mum who will be 90 very soon, managed to walk all the way too, with Hope on one side and Gareth on the other. When we got back, it was getting dark....just right to set fire to the pudding and force yet more food down!
It has been very busy here for the past few weeks...we all love getting ready for the big day and I wanted to share some of the preparations.....
After the children saw the crackers I made, they decided they wanted to make some too. Here is Grace, ruching up crepe paper on my very old Elna with its gathering foot, which works brilliantly on crepe paper...
I liked Hope's technique of slinging the paper over her shoulder to keep it out of the way! Here, she is making the ruffles for both ends of the crackers by sewing down the centre of the crepe
Here is the result. A set of 8 to be enjoyed on Christmas morning. How many others had breakfast crackers I wonder?!!
Here is Nanno's cracker expertly made by Grace!
I love the preparations on Christmas Eve. Claire, mum and both the girl s came over and we played Christmas music full blast. Hope was in charge of the brussels sprouts....and still has 10 fingers!
and Grace was busy peeling the carrots and developed a brilliant technique. The peelings were draped over the the taps, on the floor...EVERYWHERE by the time she'd finished, but Rosie helped out with all the stray bits that ended up on the floor!

I did have several crafty bits I have been making....but the computer has hidden the pictures. Bother!
I shall add them another day. I have made a really naff little bowl and covered two more diaries

One more thing....two people in our family have a gluten free diet and I was annoyed to pay £2.50 for a gluten free loaf only to find it to look like THIS when I opened it.....
What a con! Holey, dry and crumbly
Anyway, it made me start to make gluten free bread and I am so impressed with the result I wanted to share it here but again...where is the picture of my fabby creation? Yep....with those others I have lost. Ah well. You can't win then all!


Sandra Rowney said...

Glad to hear you enjoyed your Christmas, Happy New Year Moira and all the best for great New Year. I'll look forward to reading your blogs from NZ, please post a pic of dog walking in foul weather in case I'm homesick!

dandelion dreamer said...

Ha! There will be plenty of wet walks I am sure! Enjoy NZ. Will enjoy following you. M x

Amelia said...

What a fabulous idea for Christmas crackers! I´m going to try that one year:) Happy New Year too !


Sue said...

Happy New Year Moira...wishing you lots of creative success:)