Monday, 2 January 2012

Tra la!!!! I'm off to a flying start today and been very industrious making up 50 of these to send out to accounts inviting them to our stand at the NEC in February.
I folded up an order form and tucked it into each card along with the invitation. (Ever hopeful!)

I've been playing with Blogger buttons too and added a few bits and pieces here. I pledged I would try and get to grips with Blogger this year and I have made a start. I have also managed to get rid of the adverts on here too. I hope you like the new look

Now I'm off to look at tiles for the shower......
This is what Tony has been faced with over Christmas!! What he thought was water getting behind the tiles from the shower turned out to be the shower leaking behind the plasterboard. Oh dear. He has stripped out all the board and now waiting for it to dry before re-doing it.

Next job.....cook a gluten free vegan curry for tonight! Ha...will blog it if it works well


Sandra Rowney said...

I reckon the February trade stand will go well this year. All those hours of designing, making and marketing are bound to pay off, plus you had the experience of the stand last year. I like the order form in the invite, good idea, very positive.

Marg said...

Love your invitation idea including an order form.
You are definitely off to a flying start this year.
Gluten free vegan curry?

Sandie said...

The invite & order forms are a great idea.
Our untility room was stripped back about a year ago, following the same problem you have. It is still work in progress because once we realised the extent of the work we decided we might as well make other changes. It will be so good to have it finished - hope yours gets done somewhat quicker!
Happy new year & hope it is good for your business and personal life.

dandelion dreamer said...

Thanks girls! The vegan curry went well. Made three dishes, two by Madhur Jaffrey....potato and mushroom, lentil and spinach and a mixed veg number. Fab. forgot to take a photo so no blogeroo!!!!!