Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Blogtoberfest Day 3 and 4!

Rosie really enjoyed our family celebration on Sunday when Hope escaped from hospital for a few hours.The girls decided she needed to dress up for the occasion!

This picture should be at the end....Ho hum!
 It is the lunch I had in Woodbridge at the little cafe near the tidemill. Perfect!

Hope was given this wonderful crochet kit in hospital but I had to learn how to do it first before I can teach her. It was great fun but I'm not so sure that Hope will agree. I can see Grace winning this...

gosh, these pictures are out of order. I seem to have lost all control over blogger at the moment. Nothing seems to behave itself! This is sunset in Bandol where we spent a few days in the South of France last week on Dave and Eve's boat. Bliss! I just LOVE those colours

Yesterday, Rita and I had lunch with Barbara in her gorgeous little SHED! it was blissful. Another gloriously hot day with lots of fun and laughter

and this morning, Barbara and I had a quick stamping playtime before I left and went off on a sales trip to Felixtowe, Woodbridge, Hadleigh and Lavenham with not a lot of success. The shops are saving themselves for Christmas stock. Grrrr!

Tomorrow I shall be spending the day adding irridescent glitter to 500 cards. Dreading it!

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Larissa said...

oooh - hope you like glitter! Enjoyed the photos, and it didn't matter what order they were in! Thanks for sharing.