Thursday, 6 October 2011

Blogtoberfest days 5 and 6

Well I give up. I have been struggling with adding pictures to blogger for some time now but tonight I have not managed to get the stupid thing to work at all. How irritating.

I had a wonderful order for 500 cards to be hand embellished using irridescent glitter. Well....I can tell you that is quite a feat! My dear friend Di offered to come and help me yesterday and I cleared all the worktops in the kitchen and we got going. I took lots of pictures which show the entire kitchen filled with cards, all having to lie out to dry for several hours. I'm just sorry I am not able to share them tonight. I used glitter glue but OH was it gloopy?!!! It was a nightmare to use and behaved like snot....all stretchy and irritating! Di loved the effect and felt that it really lifted the designs. I do hope thay sell well but I'm not sure I would want to be doing it manually again. It is called flittering in the trade....usually done on litho print runs but I am just having digital runs at the moment...perhaps it is the time to change? Bring on a few BIG orders and I can.

Anyway, now I realise that I am still short of two designs but I'm expecting a consignment of cards tomorrow so I'll be having to do battle with the gloopy stuff once again. Argh!!

Finally, today some good news. Four orders from my agent in the South East. Great stuff. Now I just need 8 more agents for the rest of the place and I'll be sorted.

Oh I do wish I could sort out this picture problem!!!!!!


MyFiveMinutes! said...

Hi, thanks for popping over. wow you are a busy lady!!
i had a few probs with blogger images too and also commenting sometimes it wouldnt let me comment on others blogs. After hours of googling and forums the problem seemed to be and i havent had any issues since UNticking the "keep me logged in" thing when signing in.

Vic said...

If you'd like me to try to figure out what is going on with blogger email me with exactly what happens when you try to upload & I'll see if I know what it is. Have you tried perhaps uploading to flickr or something like that first?

I personally use Live Writer which is a blog writing tool for Windows 7, so if you have Windows 7 I would highly recommend it!