Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Cards for special people

the little girl in this picture is my mum, sheila robertson who has given me the best gift of all; a love of creativity. she will be ninety in 2012

This is a little hanging I made over two years ago and I have since modified it for a card.

 While everyone else has been out enjoying the holiday I have been beavering away at making my pictures into cards. Gareth has the patience of a SAINT and taught me how to do it. Thank you, thank you, thank you! Oh it was hard work!!!!! The countdown has begun. The show is just 21 days away. HELP! I have still to get the cards to the printer….see the proofs…and have a print run done. There is nothing like a bit of pressure to focus the mind. I shall have to get busy sourcing envelopes and cello bags soon.

Next, I have to decide how on earth I am going to display my cards. Then there is the little problem of literature. Oh so much to do….so little time but it is so exciting.

I did manage to escape for a few hours for a trip to the Norwich Bead Fair. Bliss. I have bought plenty of lovely new embellishments to use and I can’t wait for a chance to get creative again. That will have to wait for a while. I need to keep focussed on the show right now. The one thing I have really enjoyed doing is making some of the cards very special for some special people in my life. The black cat design was inspired by Hope’s words when she was seven….‘the black cat was so fat she sat on the mat wearing a hat’. I have printed this little story on the back of the card to make her feel special and know that thoughts and ideas can become reality. All you have to do is believe they will.
Grace has always been incredibly dextrous and at the age of just three, she sewed little organza flowers on one design using sequins and seed beads. Her story is on the back of the picture she embellished. It is called ‘Grace’s Fairy’. Some of the designs incorporate my mum’s torchon lace which I have dyed and used and so I have mentioned this too. I have found that people love to hear the story attached to each card and so it made sense to add the details to some of them. The boat design is appliquéd on paper fabric made from plans of the ‘c’ class canoe my dad designed in 1948. It is very special to me. He died in 1965.
My most precious card is one of my eighty nine year old mum as a baby fairy holding the word ‘love’ and hearts in the other thing. I have said: ‘the little girl in this picture is my mum, sheila robertson who has given me the best gift of all; a love of creativity. she will be ninety in 2012.

Thank you mum. Thank you for everything. And thank you to Tony too for all his incredibly hard work helping me with the photography. It isn’t about perfect lighting; it isn’t about all of the texture; it isn’t about making all the sequins sparkle…its about capturing the energy of each piece in a natural way that makes you want to run your fingers over the surface of the card to see if it is real.


Marg said...

It sounds like you have been very busy indeed, and have lots of beautiful new designs. Good luck with the preparation for the show.
I love your idea of printing the stories on the back of the card, it makes it so much more personal.

Ruth said...

I so loved what you have written. The cards so become treasures with putting stories on the back. :)

Sandie said...

Wow! Lovely cards and stories to go with each. You are on a winner and quite right - it is the detail that make it personal and people connect. Go Moira!! I really hope it is a big success for you.
I started my new job this week and am still thoughtful about following your steps and resigning to follow my creative journey.
Can't wait to hear more about what you are going.

Ruth said...

Really wish you well with the 'The Fallen Angel Co' When and where is the show?

dandelion dreamer said...

Thanks for your encouragement...it it so encouraging!
The show is at the London Business Design Centre 24-25th May. Still so much to do before the show.

vintagerockchick said...

Hi Moira - I found your blog from the comment you left on Gina's
You've obviously continued to pass on the creative gene down to your grand-daughter, if yesterday is anything to go by.
And I love the stitched picture of your Mum - but then I would, it's pink and has hearts on it Gill x

Sandra Rowney said...

Great designs, great ideas, all the best for the show Moira.