Sunday, 8 May 2011

Felted Doll Brooches

I took 6 year old Grace with me to Gina Ferrari's wonderful young Embroiderer's Guild workshop on saturday and she made the gorgeous brooch on the left with a fabby glass face. She really enjoyed the day and apart from the Sat Nag managing to take us down a dead end road we found 'The Settlement' very easily but oh! it is a long way from Histon. Gina really does have the patience of a Saint passing on her love of stitching to all the young people. Thanks gina
By the way...she does do parties for grown ups if you fancy having a few friends round for a creative play day!

My brooch is the one on the right. Don't you just LOVE that green button?
I'm looking forward to the next time. I wonder what we will be making?
Grace is sewing the brooch back in place. Anne very kindly helped her with a bit of the buttonhole stitch around the outside
I was very exiterated to be allowed to make a brooch too. Here is the starting point. We all had a piece of felt onto which we hand felted wool tops. (Oh my wrist hurts so much now....I wish I had packed the Voltarol gel!!!)
I swirled mine in my favourite pinks and purples desperately trying to cover up the dark green felt. Mind the next step we added plenty of stitiching

And for something COMPLETELY different....I had a friend stay for the night last week and we both really fancied having our feet nibbled by tiny fishes, (Garra Rufa Therapy). I have not laughed so much for such a long time... it was truly hysterical. There is something intensely gross about the whole idea of it but it was one of those things in life we just had to do and it did make our feet feel good.
'Google' fish therapy for feet for some incredible photos! Clearly some spas have loads more fish than they did in the Grafton Centre.

And finally....a picture from a day at the beach. The sea was wild and I had fun picking up plenty of treasures, including what might have been a grappling iron, while the children played.

On the biz front, all the cards have gone to the printers to be proofed and I have sorted out my problem with displaying the cards at the exhibition on 24th -25th May. I am having some huge display boards made in black which will hang on silver chains from the top of the walls. Mmmmmmm....I just hope it all works.


Gina said...

It was lovely to have you and Grace there on Saturday - isn't that a super photo of her stitching. Thanks for the promotion too! I'm not sure about that fishy feet thing... I guess you do need to go with a friend!

Susan Allan said...

It is fantastic to get the young ones involved. The brooches are really fun and beautiful. We have fish therapy at one of our haidressing salons; I don't think I really fancy it, but I can see how it would make you giggle. I feel sorry for the fish!!! Thanks for your sweet comment!
Sue xx

vintagerockchick said...

Both brooches are lovely! When I read back through your blog yesterday, I recognised some of your work - my sis and I are BIG fans of your cards - we both buy some everytime we go to Belstead. Well done - look forward to seeing the webshop when it's up and running!

dandelion dreamer said...

ooh how lovely to have card fans! thank you. very, very favourite place. I thimk I must go and stock up again . the cards sell well there and always a great excuse to meet up with my local friend Barbara.
Moira x

Sandra Rowney said...

Looking forward to hearing all about the show. Hope you post some pictures.