Friday, 29 April 2011

Business card bowlful

I collected my business cards yesterday from the printer and spent the morning machine stitching flashes of my hand dyed sheeting to them with two rows of wonky stitching. After all....I want buyers to remember my work and all that imperfect stitching! (The website is not up and running yet by the way......Gareth is going to work on it once the cards have gone to be printed.)
I had one of those moments of brilliance as I chain stitched the cards together....and that was to make them into business card bunting so that is what I did. I have 500 of them so a few miles of bunting coming up!
My original idea was to fill a goldfish bowl with the cards but now i'm going to decorate the stand with miles of bunting and cut off cards for anyone wanting one. Now I need to get busy on making  'TheFallen Angel Co' banner for the back wall. That is next week's task....right now I need to finalise the range.

And now I'm going to do something I rarely, do...I'm going to take time out to read my book.....'Keeper of the Bride' by Tess Gerritsen. She's a great crime writer. The first book of hers I read was 'The Surgeon'. OMG! I couldn't put it down.


ShabbyChicShaz said...

Loving your business cards, great idea :) Not read Tess Gerritson, thanks for the recommendation, I do love a good crime novel ;)

Marg said...

Such a great idea to have business card bunting. I haven't read Tess Gerritsen either. Will have to search it out.

Beverley Johnston said...

They look brilliant! I'm sure they'll attract a lot of attention. Good luck :)

Sandra Rowney said...

Great cards, save me one.