Sunday, 24 April 2011

Found heart

I was thrilled when Hope found this little heart for me. At first I thought it was made from wire but it simply a little elastic tie from something. PERFECT! I shall add it to my collection of heart photos
And now it has found a new home....(just noticed this pic is out of focus...sorry!) on the candle holder near to her first pair of school shoes in the summerhouse! LOVE those shoes...scuffs and all....I can hear Hope's laughter just looking at them
I spent a very enjoyable afternoon with two friends at Doubletrees in Cambridge taking afternoon tea in aid of the local hospice. SUCH a painless way to support a charity. Mental note to self...remember to do this again next year!
Here is the final stage of the bunting production line....sewing all the flags onto tape for the BIG DAY in June when our boat club becomes 100 years old.
I got carried away.......just a bit.... But I reckon you can never have too much bunting. Shame it is not pink with Fallen Angels on it and I could use it for my show!
On Good Friday I volunteered to look after the children at the Club and organise the Easter Egg be more honest...the Haribo sweet packet hunt. Steve, our commodore, who is over 6' tall helped too, so I was amused to find this packet long after the last child had gone home, perched high in a tree, well out of reach! I think we hid about 75 packs so I started ferreting about and found two more packs poked into the bushes. I'm just wondering how many more will appear as the summer wears on!
And finally, I just had to share this picture as a reminder of the picnic Hope, Grace, Rosie and I had in the field by our house a few days ago. The girls had helped me with my card folding in the morning and earnt pocket money so we went into town and did a little shopping...they made a BEELINE for the fab old sweetshop and spent their hard earned cash straight away! Later, we made smoked salmon sandwiches and packed our picnic bag and rug and trekked into the field and set up camp under the willow trees. It was truly, truly blissful. Right now, it doesn't feel as if this wonderful summer weather is ever going to end!

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Ruth said...

Love your blog!

Nice photos and what a wonderful name - "Dandelion Dreamer" :)