Monday, 4 April 2011

Bunting Production line!

It is the centenary of the Cambridge Motor boat Club this year and they have had burgees made so, for some reason, I thought that I could make some bunting using the flag pattern. DUH!!!! is the pile of screen printed flages waiting for a marathon stitch-a-thon!

And here is the process. I seem to have lost one of the pictures showing the cutting mat and all the teeny weeny bits I so carefully cut out using scissors and scalpel from a paper print of the burgee design. Here, the pieces have been carefully placed on the old white sheeting (surprise surprise!!!!) awaiting to be printed
Oh how I ADORE the immediacy of print. I think I should have been a factory worker...I adore mass production and I got quite carried away making these flags....
I filled all the gaps with more flags....
Until my studio was filled to bursting ponit with blue flags. 85 in all! As you can see, I ran out of paint and had a quick re-mix mid-print. Rubbish! They are totally different but hey...who cares?
Tonight Tony helped my cut them all out using my rotary pinking cutter. I shall machine them another time and I will blog them BIG time when they are up at the club
This afternoon I cut out the component parts for a few card designs as you do when you have a few minutes to spare.....
and yesterday was Mother's day and guess who ended up doing all the cooking? Yep. ME! I make 4 HUGE pizzas from scratch for my mum, both my children and grandchildren. Here is the baked bean and ham for Grace in mid production. The other half is braised leeks (from Claire's allotmentof course!) and ham for Hope. Cheese topping coming up!
My workdesk this morning as I was trying to sort my cards into groups. Arrrrgh!!!! It is so difficult to do. I don't like this bit at all. all I want to do is sit and sew and invent and play with colours...this decision making is HARD!
So far I have:
'Cupcakes wings and Things'
'Hearts and Flowers'
and then what do I call all the other things like the boat and the VW and the beach hut and union jacks? I have NO IDEA!!!!!
I am working on an age range. I have given up on the idea of children's ages...I'm going to do the 30-90 numbers. Maybe 100 too if I get time.

Right. I'm off. See you soon
M x


Sandra Rowney said...

Beach Huts, Union Jack, VW and Boat all sound like a 'Holidays' collection to me.
Mind you, I sent your boat to a friend in hospital because he is a sailor. A new hip isn't much of a holiday is it?

dandelion dreamer said...

'Holidays' seems a cool idea Sandra! I sold two of my 'Feeling Rusty'cards to someonbe with 2 friends having hip replacements!
M x

jacqueline said...

Dearest sweet Moira, look at those awesome bunting!! I love them so much! Your process looks really amazing and very inspiring! :) I am looking forward to your new crad designs too! And look at all those yummie dishes you's making me hungry. :)
Have a lovely merry happy weekend and love to you!