Friday, 15 April 2011

Screenprinting with Sandra and a gift from Pam

At last I have found a few minutes to quickly blog about the past couple of weeks. Here are two if the highlights......
It was such fun having Sandra here to stay last week and share our creativity and PLAY! Sandra had not screen printed for such a long time she wanted a refresher and so here she is with her 'little man' papercut stencil printing onto some old white cotton sheeting. What else?!
This is the fiddly bit....arranging all the paper bits onto the fabric ready to put the screen down and get printing
I wonder what this is going to be? A curtain perhaps? I shall report back whenI find out!
I went to the quilt group today and Pam Ford gave me a pressie! I made her a stack of cards from her embroidery a few weeks ago and she wanted to give me a gift in return......
And just LOOK at what was inside! This gorgeous picture made in the same way as the one I photgraphed,(blogged a few weeks ago) based on a Richard Box technique using tiny scraps of fabric machine embroidered in place then heavily beaded. Scrumptious!!!!!! Thank you Pam. xx
I need to find a special place to hang this treasure now so I can admire it every time I walk past it.


Sandra Rowney said...

I've just popped out on my bike this morning into Norwich and bought an A4 screen, a thingamy to pull the pigment across and a pot of blue fabric dye. The plan is to print special cushions for our Stirling Hot Air engine powered boat with T shirts to match.....that's the plan anyway!

dandelion dreamer said...

Sandra that sounds BRILL. I look forward to seeing them on your blog!

Susan Allan said...

You and your friends do some amazing art...really appreciated!!
thanks for your comment about the trees. I thought it was against the law to cut trees with nets in. How depressing that these chainsaw-happy people got away with it!
Take care.
sue xx