Monday, 21 March 2011

New Carpet for the Summer House.....

Gareth is busy working on my website for ‘The Fallen Angel Co’ my card business. This is the holding page giving the email address to contact until the site is up and running.

It has been a week of ‘firsts’ with my cards. I was thrilled to get my biggest card order yet….better still it was a RE-ORDER! AND my customer even ordered four of my new designs out of my camera. I hadn’t even got them printed. At my next shop, I had my first biggest single card design order…..24 of the SAME wedding cake design…. Not much else!  Needless to say…they were the only two orders this week as I’m not set up to go out selling big time yet. I need to get the cards printed properly.

I had an interesting evening teaching 17 x 8 year olds to make 22 page paper mazes and was delighted how well they did. I took a little bundle of tiny jingly bells to catch their attention and they all listened attentively every time I rang them! MUCH easier to teach children than adults.

It was such a glorious day on Saturday I decided to ‘wake up’ the summerhouse’ and dutifully cleaned the windows and hoovered the floor. Now the latter was a BIG mistake! You know that sound it makes when it has A PROBLEM? Well…you guessed it….the carpet blocked it up completely! The sunlight had rotted it in just THREE YEARS…mind you…it was seriously cheap. The end result was spending Sunday choosing a new carpet and then having to lug out all the furniture and fit the new carpet. Sorry…no ‘after’ picture…..but believe me….it looks terrific!

Once all this clutter is back inside it really does look quite nice....believe it or not

ooooops! just managed to delet a photo!!!!! Where did it go? No idea.....
The threadbare carpet!!!!!

Tomorrow I have Hope and Grace here for breakfast club. Last week I taught them both to plait….and this week I thought I’d make braids and teach them how to make a friendship bracelet…..just one snag…I have never…ever…in my whole life made one! No worries….good old Google to the rescue. Here are my first two attempts….the girls can finish them off and have fun wearing them…or giving them away.

It is so late yet again. I do wish time would slow down just for a little while so I can catch up!


Susan Allan said...

Congratulations, your business seems to up on an ever increasing 'up'. Well done, you!
I am sure you deserve that new carpet. Did the hoover survive or does that need replacing too? Have fun!!!
Sue xx

Sandra Rowney said...

When are you going to have time to sit in your summer house eh? :)