Tuesday, 29 March 2011

First Trade Show!

At last I have found a minute to write a few words here. Life is hectic but fun and i'm loving the creative freedom I have now I'm not nursing and feeling stressed all the time.
I was awake at 5.30 yesterday so I made this card design. It is based on a piece of dyed, old cotton sheeting which was discharge dyed and then screen printed. I added the applique yesterday and the topping or tiny little glass beads today, after Liz came to the rescue with her HUGE collection!

As you can see from the title of this blog, I have booked a trade show today. Big decision. Big expense BUT it will make me focus and I love, love LOVE working to deadlines. There is nothing quite like it to make me get a move on.

Gareth has been helping me to do the card backs and add my logo and barcodes. Bloody barcodes! Not only do you have to pay for the privilige, you pay DOUBLE the first year...you know the sort of thing...a registration fee and then they want it every year ad infinitum. Huh!

Well....I decided it is best to get the pain over once and for all at the beginning of this venture just in case a BIG buyer comes along and orders lots and lots and wants barcodes on them. I'm dreaming big....and my fingers are tightly crossed but you know what? i'm enjoying the ride......I just need to hold on tight!
We took Rosie to the Country Park at Milton at the weekend. Haven't been there for so long and its on our doorstep practically. This swan spent most of the time chasing one of last years newbies and showing who was boss!
didn't see the kingfishers this time but this is where they hang out...
Rosie and I walk up this driveway every morning and I sneakily took a couple of pictures of the wild daffodils. They are tiny and grow in such profusion.
It really does make having a dog worthwhile. I would never see these otherwise as I wouldn't walk alone.
I have so much other news but I fancy a cup of coffee so I'm off! See you soon


Susan Allan said...

Oh Moira, this all sounds so amazing.
Bar codes...now you have come a long way.
Thank you for the update. I often think about you. You are so talented, you will do amazingly well!
Lovely place to go for a walk.
Take care
Sue xx

Gina said...

Great to discover your blog Moira. This sounds like an exciting venture. I will email you details of Young Embroiderers.

suzanna leigh said...

As a lover of dandelions and dragons, feel you are a kindred spirit! Thank you for commenting on my blog and introducing yourself!

I'm also very interested in how you are going about your card business. I do cards too, on a very small scale. Have no idea if or when I would ramp up to larger orders.

Sandie said...

Go Moira!!
It sounds all very exciting and right now I feel quite envious. It is my last day tomorrow at the NHS service I work for as it is being closed. It will be a sad day.
Time for me to reflect hard on where I want my energy to go in future. The NHS is sapping me, and it is so good that leaving nursing has proved to be a good move for you.
Bar codes!! I'd never even thought of them! I wish you every success and you may be my inspiration.

Sandra Rowney said...

Love the strawberry design, is there a sale to Wimbledon there I wonder?