Sunday, 6 February 2011

Thing-a-day 6, Fallen Angel and rusty fabrics

Today I have been up to all sorts of play. I have made a pathetic first
attempt at making a 'Fallen Angel' logo for the back of my cards. I shall
keep working on angels all week till I get it right! The poor girl lost most
of her hair in Photoshop Elements...oh dear...more practice required!

When I woke at 5am I decided to sew the words about the dream.....not my own]
but I love the sentiment.....another thing on the 'to do' pile!I really want
to add colour to the background and add some embellishemnts. I'll probably
end up re-doing it

mmmmm......I do love having lots of dyed fabrics to play with!
Lastly, I had a few bits of wet fabric left from playing at Sandra's in the
week so I dyed a lovely collection of fabrics just calling out for a few
rusty old nails and tatt to make them into something interesting. Oh
dear...I still haven't done anything with my FIRST batch of fabrics from a
few days ago!
Must go...its getting late!

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