Saturday, 5 February 2011

Thing-a-day 5 Hope's birthday party doodling

A quick blog as I'm enjoying 'thing-a-day' the yearly, February challenge, and have decided to publish it here too, on a daily basis. Today I was teaching 8 little girls the fun of doodlng!

For today's thing, I helped at Hope's 8th birthday party teaching eight
children to doodle. They had all been swimming and then came back for
sausages and chips so entertainment seemed a good idea to prevent them
rampaging around the house like elephants!
I showed them how to start with a central shape like a star, heart, circle,
swirl and so on, and then to build on it and keep adding more shapes and
swirls. It certainly kept them occupied, (and me busy!) while their meal
Happy Birthday Hope!


Susan Allan said...

You must be a very good teacher as they have come up with some very interesting doodles.
Funny, but we doodle all the time and I had never thought of it as the subject of a lesson. Actually I learned something myself from this here tutorial, so thank you Moira.
Just off to doodle

Best wishes
Sue xx

Sandra Rowney said...

Thing-a-day is fun! I wonder what you'll make with what the postman will bring you tomorrow?

dandelion dreamer said...

Susan...I'm looking forward to seeing your doodle! Sandra...I'm intrigued what the postie will bring on Monday. OMG.....I know you sAID IT WILL TAKE ME OUT OF MY COMFORT ZONE!Ooops Caps lock on had a goodnight out!!