Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Breakfast club shrinky-dink pins! Thing-a-day 8

I'm delighted with these tiny little shrinky dink pins! Made by 7.30 this morning!
Scroll down for the instructions
Hope's pins waiting to be baked. Rosie wants to join in the fun!

Well I have got today's Thing-a-day done already! I saw this idea yesterday
on TAD and commented on how brilliant I thought it was. When hope and Grace
come over at 7.20, it was a quick bacon buttie and then PLAYTIME! They both
told me on the way to school, it was the best beakfast club we've ever had
so THANK YOU to the person who showed it yesterday. I'm afraid I don't have
the link to her TAD.
1 Draw the design on the rough side of the shrink plastic
2 Cut out the shapes
3 Push pins through from the front of the design
4 Place upside down on a baking tray
5 Bake for about a minute in a hot oven....watch them curl and shrink!
The girls have asked if we can have a Breakfast Club notice board. Great
idea! It will have to be one of my 'Thing-a-days'!

1 comment:

Susan Allan said...

Lovely job!!
It is so amazing to watch them change size.
Sue xx