Saturday, 12 February 2011

Out for lunch!

Today I went out for lunch with two friends from 30 years ago. Here is the
main course cooked by was fab! With a delicious creamy, tomato
minestrone style soup and a semifredo pudding with blueberries and raspberry
coulis there was little time for crafting!
I did, however, finish a new 'with sympathy' card before I went out and had
it printed this afternoon. I was amazed to sell three to friends tonight to
keep in stock 'just in case!!!!!' it was my real 'thing' but no photo to
share I'm afraid.
I love doing keeps me focused and I'm loving seeing what everyone
else is up to! See you tomorrow....after I've been to the NEC for the Gift
Fair. I'm hoping to find someone to take on my little card making business!

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