Friday, 4 June 2010

special day...

What a blissful day I had yesterday. Claire had gone to a health farm for a couple of days so Hope and Grace spent the day with me. They are 5 and 7. They arrived early and we had breakfast together and then we had a wonderful long walk round by the barn. I love walking under the old conker tress. All the candles and filled with tiny conkers now....

We did all sorts of things during the day including making popcorn in a wizzy popcorn making pan I picked up at the charity shop recently. It has a handle which you turn and you heat it and a little trap door lid so you can peek in.
The girls made these buns too from a pack. The decorating wafers contain natural colours. What colours? I can't see any! Bring on e numbers....much more fun!
When my own children were small I always baked 'properly' with real ingredients but I have proved I can cook and now I love the simplicity of letting the children open a pack Mind you....there is never enough icing!

Later on we went punting in Cambridge. BLISS! I love this picture Grace (aged5) took of her grandad! We stopped on a bank opposite Kings College and the girls  ate smoked salmon sandwiches as we drank pink fizz....simply divine. It was a really balmy evening

Tony hasn't lost the knack!
To be repeated. We have bought a season ticket this year so intend to use it as much as possible. Next time will will head off up river towards Grantchester and have a barbeque on the bank.

Now I must go and read the latest info on my Kelly Rae class!
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Concetta said...

That IS a great picture! Are you keeping up? I still have 3 days to read!!!

dandelion dreamer said...

Nope! I am finding it difficult to keep up but I was awake at 5am today as it it SO HOT here and I am reading the lessons and looking at the links. I found the first few days of comments overwhelming and ahve not read them all!

Veronika said...

Looks like you've had lots of fun outdoors, something I should be doing more often! Mind you, it was such a nice sunny day yesterday and I kept going into my so-called-art room (which is in fact meant to be our dining room, but who needs that, right?) and I kept drawing at the table, then wondering outside into the garden, then back in again to draw, and that was the extent of my outdoor life yesterday, could be worse I guess :)