Sunday, 6 June 2010

Curtain inspiration

Grace's cupcake...don't you just LOVE the face...and those ears!!

It has been one of those blissful Sunday mornings when our two little grandaughters have stayed the night and then they come running through at stupid-o'clock and snuggle up in bed. This morning we had a job to do!

I am doing a makeover of our front bedroom and going to get bunk beds for Hope and Grace when they come to stay (my idea of babysitting....I don't go to them, they come to me....well....they are very close by!)
Anyway....I was thinking about curtains a few days ago and took a look in John Lewis. Oh my, was that depressing? The fabrics stated at £15.00/metre but the one I really fell for was a shocking £54.00/metre!!!! Tony nearly died at the thought that I might somehow persuade him I really needed it.
Anyway...I had a better idea....I decided to buy plain calico and £4.00/metre and design my own. Isn't this the coolest excuse to use for having to go to my wonderful studio space and be creative?

I love screen printing and have decided to combine ALL the things I love to do in this project:

Screen printing
Machine embroidery
Hope and Grace's ideas

I talked to the girls about my idea as we all sat in bed drinking hot tea and they were brilliant! No sooner did Imention cupcakes and they were off and their ideas were flowing fast. As each child came up with an idea the other took it and moved it on adding her own twist. Oh how thrilling to find this enthusiasm in them. I have only been able to upload 4 pictures but there were many more. Hope got truly carried away with her cupcakes, hearts and ribbons theme.....

and then she was onto flowers with messages around them....

Little Grace took the heart idea and added twirls. We are off out for the day for lunch with friends but I shall take my sketchpad in the car and use these ideas to inspire the curtain design. It will take a few weeks to finalise the design before I commit my ideas to fabric. Oh but I will have a lot of fun in the design process and will enjoy using the excuse for quite a while. It is going to be fun... and maybe.....just maybe the final design will find its way onto Etsy on a bookcover or something! I have neglected my Etsy shop completely but havn't got the energy just yet to get it going again

I am SO PLEASED to have my creativity back. I've had a summer cold or flu or something which left me wooly headed for weeks but finally feel human again and my energy levels are increasing. Mind you ...I still can't taste and smell. Bother!

PS: it is late as I add this post script. My sister in law was to have had an operation for lung cancer today but when I rang the hospital to ask how she was I was told she is too ill for surgery. For the third time, she has spiked a temperature and has been hospitalized with septicaemia with no known origin. This is how her lung cancer was first picked up....through all the investigations she had.
Family is so important and although I want to push myself forward and really fly with the Kelly Rae class, I think my time is going to be taken from me as I support both her and my husband through this frightening time for them both. Good health is everything. Oh how I know that having felt so unwell myself until the last day or so


Pamela Holderman said...

Your curtains will be beautiful and the girls will be so proud!

honeybee said...

What an inspiring project! I love all of the input you are getting from your granddaughters. I cannot wait to see those curtains.

Sorry you been feeling ill, but I am glad to hear that your creativity is back. Hooray!

jacqueline said...

Sounds like a wonderful project! I am really looking forward to seeing these curtains. So sorry to hear that you are not feeling well but im glad your creativity is back! Have a lovely merry happy week and love to you!

Twig and Toadstool said...

that sounds like a lovely idea...I love their drawings...can't wait to see your finished project!
Yes, there is nothing like illness to appreciate and crave good's hoping you feel tip top soon!!