Monday, 28 June 2010

Hemingford Abbots, cake and batiks!

It has been the most perfect hot summer weekend here in Cambridge. Yesterday
we went to Hemingford Abbots and strolled around the open gardens drooling
over the manicured acres, many of which went down to the water's edge and
even included a boat mooring. It was blissful
Tony always insists that these outings culminate in tea and cake otherwise
he refuses to come so we chose the most splendid house in the village to
take tea. We chose carrot cake topped with a dreamy Philly topping and a big
slices of walnut cake. It was so hard to choose...and the cupcakes looked
truly divine. It would have been very easy to go back for seconds!
Today was as hot, and this afternoon I chased a bumble bee with my little
Lumix camera as it flitted from spike to spike on an anonymous plant in my
garden. Tony came to my rescue and proceeded to take about 30 pics with his
SLR. Thank you tony :)
Lastly, I wanted to share my batik fabrics again now thay are washed and
dry. I love the reverse side of them as they have become delightfully
mottled and will be great fun to use. PHEW it is SO HOT here tonight. I have
been awake since 5am as I was cooking. I can't bear the window to be open as
the dawn chorus is so deafening around here at 4am.... This is not a good
way to be awakened Tony's sister has been in theatre all day and tonight is in the high
dependency unit. She has a lot of life to catch up on so we're hoping she is
going to make a speedy recovery and can come and lie in our gorgeous garden
to recouperate!



Menopausal musing said...

HELLO! Thanks for your comment on my blog....... and YES I agree, we would appear to share of love of colour and plants! :O)))))))

Marg said...

Tony's photos of the bee are lovely. I am really enjoying seeing all your beautiful dyed fabrics.

CYnthia L. said...

You are lucky that Tony has a good camera and was able to take the great photos. Your dyed material came out really great! What will you do with them?

As for the cakes - YUM!!