Friday, 25 June 2010

My garden

I LOVE this time of year when my garden ooozes colour and there is so little room between all the plants, there is hardly any room for weeds! It was the alstromeria and the delphiniums that really caught my eye...that delicious mauvey blue and the intense orange....oh dear...I just had to cut them. I waited 'til Tony was at work mind you..there is NO WAY I would have been allowed to pick them with him watching! I'm not quite sure why as I planted them.

Of course I couldn't just stop there...I had to included a few other blues, yellows and oranges with day lilies, cloth of gold and some of that gorgeous lime green Lady's Mantle. Oooh I almost sound like I know what I'm talking about, but latin names are not in my vocabulary!

I had to throw in this alium head was the lone white one among a sea of purple.... I adore the way they end up as pretty seed heads. I shall be picking it soon too, before it falls apart.

We are off to the Newmarket Races tonight and a concert by Spandau Balet. Picnic is packed and I have allowed myself £15.00 to gamble with....tonight I am feeling lucky!
Still can't taste and smell. Just WISH that it had taklen my appetitie but I seem to eat more than ever....just in case I can taste the next mouthful....oh dear...nothing seems to fit. At least I am feeling less stressed now at last.
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Amelia said...

your garden looks lush and lovely and I wish I was going to a Spandau Ballet concert :)


Michele from Pipi La La said...

Oh WOW! I LOVE your garden! That is the garden of my dreams!

Marg said...

What a beautiful garden.
I saw Spandau Ballet recently, they were fantastic!

ShabbyChicShaz said...

Your garden is so alive with colour and different forms, how do you tear yourself away from it :)

Sandie said...

Your garden looks beautiful and I loved the cut flowers - my kind of arrangement!
Glad to hear you are a bit less stressed :)
Have you thought any more about Project 365? Do you have photos on Flickr?

Pamela Holderman said...

Oh I love your garden - all the textures and colors are so beautiful. Ours needs more sun - a pathetic summer so far. thanks for your words of encouragement - I will try to be good and rest...