Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Flowers for Sylvia

We just heard yesterday that Tony's brother in law died on Saturday after a very protracted illness. He had been so disabled for so long....18 years....and Sylvia had been his carer for most of that time.

I walked around my gorgeous garden and picked this big bunch of flowers for her. I love growing flowers for sharing...and I adore the way the garden changes from week to week at this time of year. I always strip off the lower leaves and hand tie the flowers into a 'plonk and go' bouquet.

We drove down to see Sylvia last night. It was lovely to see her....sadly Tony and she rarely see one another as she has been so pre-oocupied with caring for John. She has been ill herself and is waiting for an operation ....I do hope that finally she might have some well deserved quality life herself

I am off work this week so I'm hoping to be creative. Right.....I'm off to make a start!
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honeybee said...

Hi, thanks for visiting my blog. Sorry to read about your husband's brother-in-law.

What gorgeous flowers for Sylvia. I am sure they will do her heart some good.

Have fun being creative this week!


Concetta said...

Hello, lovely to visit here and the flowers from your garden are just the most beautifu(you must have an amazing garden)- I hope your sister in law is doing OK.