Monday, 31 May 2010

Making a start and moving on....

This has to be one of the most painful paintings I have ever done. I was on a retreat with friends and was not able to paint my usual bright and happy paintings. Today I made the decision to relegate it to the past, to erradicate it and start over. I painted it three years ago when I was trapped by the mental torture of the brain surgery my daughter had had, 4 weeks before Christmas which had gone horribly wrong due to a medical blunder and left her sleeping constantly. It caused so many tears.....and took a long time to get resolved and it took a big bit of me away from me.....when life is not right your creativity is stolen from's as if it is a reserve which can be drawn from at a moment's notice....and it is not until equilibrium returns that you are allowed to have that creativity back and then it takes a long time to rebuild it to those wonderful energetic levels I have been used to in the past

the first brush strokes of thick, white emulsion......I slapped it on careflessly and quickly!

it only took a few minutes....

Job done! now I must get on with the important task of writing down my plan to get my card making business going.....just well enough to give me a small, constant when I eventually get to retire it will be ticking along nicely and all I shall have to do is make a pile of new designs each season...ooooh! fun!

Life is good now so my next task is to sit down with a big mug of coffee and get planning....
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Amelia said...

hello there,

Oh thanks for your honesty, I have just written a very heartfelt post about what I go through with my son, and was nervous about sharing, but actually it has been good to share.

Here's to you making your creative business work. I am in the process of making mine work (making and selling my art, but also running my on-line art courses too!) particularly so that I can be around for my kids.

I am glad to hear your daughter is well now, going through ops and other things with kids can finish us with worry!

Creating always helps me though. I look forward to seeing your painting!


Lorrie Everitt said...

Wonderful post. I hope that your daughter is doing well with her recovery. I had brain surgery last year (it will be on year on June 15th) and when I read about your daughter my heart stopped.

I hope that you reuse that canvas with colours that make you smile.