Sunday, 30 May 2010

Kelly Rae's Course Day 1

At last the day has arrived for the start of the course. The drawback of living in England is having to wait all day for USA to wake up! I had my computer on early this morning hoping to get going on the course but it didn't happen till the afternoon. I think it should be fun.

I hope that by the end of the five weeks I shall be sufficiently motivated to get my little card making business up and running. I'm also planning to get the cards on Folksy...I have signed up to it but got no further than that.

I also signed up to Tesco diets for 6 months but found the site so complicated that I gave up on the first day.....I must wake up tomorrow with renewed enthusiam and get to grips with the computer, the internet and all the bits and pieces which I find so complicated. I have to work out the diet site as we are off on a cruise for a week in July and I'm hoping to lose a few pounds before I go so I don't wobble when I walk and can wear a swimsuit without my bosoms overflowing from my armpits!

I hope to drop in on a few of the other intrepid souls on the ecourse before I go to bed tonight.....there are so many talented people out there with such an incredible range of gifts....but we are united with the same make a little money, or maybe a living, from our art. It will be fun to see how we all progress over the next few weeks and to share our hopes and dreams
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Pamela Holderman said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving the nice comment. Your art is beautiful! This course is so exciting and already fun to meet people from all over the world. Wow, talk to you later.

Jenny Lee Wentworth said...

Hello Moira,

Happy 1st day of class! Wishing you luck with your artsy endeavors and the diet. I'm working on dropping a few pounds before my summer vacation too. We can do it!

cypress sun said...

your designs are gorgeous! see you in class. :)

Dana Barbieri said...

Hi Moira. Thanks so much for stopping by and leaving the nice comment. Your art is so great. So nice to meet you and all the other kindred souls from around the world. Best of luck with the computer stuff (I am still learning it too). And of course the diet. What a great reason, a cruise. Sounds like fun. Best of luck as we journey together on this course!

Jen said...

Just "flying" by to say "hi." I wish you, and all of us, the best as we work toward our creative business dreams =)