Thursday, 1 April 2010

Two little Easter Chicks!

Hope and Grace wearing their Easter hats for the competition at the boat club tomorrow.
They are based on baseball caps worn backwards!

I have left the beak open so I can slide in a fresh flower when they wear them tomorow. I was hoping to make a lovely wiggly worm from pink painted string but the girls were having none of it!


Take a lemon Easter feather boa, some card, eyes, lots of patiene, a mile of double sided tape......

Encase the baseball cap in tape, wind round with feather boa, add a couple of eyes....

and don't forget to give him a beak and legs!
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Cynthia L. said...

Too cute! I bet they were proud to wear them.

Marg said...

They are absolutely fabulous and so easy to make, although trying to get the feather boa on to the double sided tape properly may bot have been so easy. A brilliant idea.