Saturday, 3 April 2010

Hub cap bread!

We have friends for supper tonight and it's ages since I made any bread. I got a mega pack of bread mix and all it needs is warm water to get it going so it was a breeze.....

I remembered to brush it with olive oil and add herbs...

then left it to rise....but completely forgot about the rock salt beforeI baked it...but I did scatter it with chopped garlic

so the end result is a healthy option but I think that the chopped garlic was a burnt!

My left wrist is killig me and as I'm left handed this is a trajedy. I fell recently and put out my arm to stop my fall. Stupid.
I've been popping pills and have now resorted to one of those 'old lady' brown splints. GOD I hate been an invalid! It hasn't helped with all the sewing I have been doing recently...can't post it here as one of our group might see it and it is a 'chinese whispers' quilt so all will not be revealed until after the group have all made theirs. 6 months +. I'm off to the club now for a dinner with friends. They are all brinig a course which makes entertaining easy. I hve made Spanish beans with chicken and choritzo and will serve it with salad.
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renata said...

i hope you had that wrist xrayed, as this is the most common way that causes fractures, btw love the bread might try this one sans garlic!