Sunday, 4 April 2010

magical sugar-water!

My mum-in-law 'Dolly' used to work in service below stairs and she taught me one of the best ever to make limp lettuce crisp again! I never thought it would work but it is incredible and works just as well on parsley and this limp bunch I bought this week

Take a large handful of sugar and dissolve it in some cold water in suitable sized bowl....and then be patient! I usually leave it overnight to soak....

and by the next morning....HEY PRESTO! it is crisp again. It works like a charm every time. Check it out next time you find limp lettuce lurking in the bottom of your fridge...!

Hand still in splint so not being creative....but have filmed the 'mad little long tailed tit' again today and will try and upload it. It is very funny to watch!
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Marg said...

Thanks for that tip, how brilliant is that! It will be very useful here as being so warm, everything wilts really quickly. Hope your hand is improving.