Thursday, 15 April 2010

Grace's Quilt

I screen printed these fairy blocks three years ago and have only just got round to using them. They are for a quilt for Grace and I have layered each one on wadding a free machine quilted each one in a slighlty different way. I shall enjoy adding beads and seqins to them but that job will have to wait. We have several short UK breaks planned for the next two months and I have trained myself to sew in the car. BLISS!

I have no idea just how the quilt will work out. I made a printed background last year and was plannig to apply these to it but it might all change. I shall have to give it some thought.
I'm off to prune 'the faces' in the field this evening. I made them with sapling sycamores a year ago and it time to move them on a little. As we were doing it, hope and Grace named each one of them!
The girls are coming to stay for the night so it should be fun. Will post the results tomorrow.

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Marg said...

They are so cute. I hope I can improve my machine embroidery skills, so that I can attempt something like this one day.