Thursday, 25 March 2010


I am so behind with posting on here! These are pictures from our weekend away in Yarmouth last weekend. Sara had never been beach combing before so we had fun picking up plenty of junk in the hope I would get round to making some fun sculptures but Tony was off this week so I have had to do gardening and stuff!!!!

On Wednesday I had a travel study day at Tattersalls in Newmarket. Best bit was the lunch. It was like being at a wedding with the food being brought round in little china bowls. Scrummy.

Anyway, I really must go and do something creative. I feel the need to make SOMETHING!

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Cynthia L. said...

I found your blog after seeing that you were a friend of Marg. I wanted to say that your paper work is really beautiful. Also, my cousin lives in Gt. Yarmouth. My family and I were there a couple years ago to visit (we were also in London for a couple weeks) I lived in Yarmouth for a year while my father was stationed in Korea (he was US Army) I went to school at N. Denton during that year and used to love to play on the beach and go to the arcades! Nice to meet you - I will be following you. If Marg likes you, I like you!!