Sunday, 28 March 2010

creative play...a background

I finally grabbed half an hour for a little dabble. I'm not feeling at all creative at the moment so I decided to be easy on myself and simly produce a background for future use
I used a selection of hand carved rubber, punched funky foam and commercial stamps

I painted the background a couple of days ago using watery acrylics
and used acrylics for the stamped designs too. Not sure what I shall do next...that's the fun. I might applique onto it and then cut it up and re-assemble it....but not yet. First, I must start work on a challenge for our quilt group as I have been asked to start it off. I need to select an image to use as a starting point. I'm off to trawl through my Picassa albums to find something that fires me up!

I have also been asked to entertain the children at the boast club on Good Friday; thankfully Claire has said she will help me so we have been brainstorming a few ideas. I expect I shall also have to help the girls make their Easter bonnets too for which I have bought a magnificent pale lemon feather boa for the purpose! Oh dear...busy week coming up
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