Thursday, 18 March 2010

Oh dear....!

Gosh I haven't posted here for a awful! It was so lovely to find comments and encouragement from online friends. thank you. Yes...I am feeling better and the weekend away has done me a lot of good. I wasn't as creative as I'd like to have been but i have made a few small pieces for card designs and landed a small order (for 20 to be precise!) on Monday at a very prestigious little shop in Cambridge called Primavera. I have yet to deliver the cards and won't be able to until monday as we are going away for a weekend to Yarmouth.

I'm looking forward to beachcombing and picking up lots of little bits and pieces of junk to make into something interesting. Gareth and Sara are coming too so we should have a lot of fun. She has never heard of beachcombing but she is a great 'playmate' and very creative for a 21 year old. I hope to come home with lots of inspiring pictures and do plenty of laughing while I'm away. Rosie has been bathed and smells of green apples so she can go and visit at no 4 without causing offence. Her ears are SO silky now.

Today I went on a study day doing a 'Master Class' in clinical research and discussing 'clinical equipoise'. Where do these words COME from?! Why have I never heard of it before? Has anyone? I can now play bullshit bingo and win, hands down.

Must go and pack my toys...plenty of beads and sequins to sew on cards during the journey. Pictures will arrive in a few more days.

I feel fat. Will feel fatter by Sunday night. Oh dear. Must get back in the groove and lose a few pounds for the summer. That will have to wait until Monday.

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