Monday, 15 March 2010

A couple of cards and a door hanger.....

I have had a blissful few days away at Belstead again...this time for a scrapbooking retreat. I wasn't feeling really creative but I did manage a few projects. This is a card
design I am working on. I shall probably add a few beads and sequins...I am away next weekend and love to have handwork to do in the car whole Tony is driving!

This is the first project I made. A door hanger so my friends know I am awake and the kettle is on!

This side tells them I am still asleep....but please wake me if it is still there after 7.45. Dont want to sleep in again!!!!!

And here is a simple girlie happy birthday card design. I am working on a number of other ideas too. I hope I shall be back in the groove in the next few days and posting more often!

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Marg said...

Your weekend sounds lovely, but none of your photos have made it on to your blog. How to do you work whilst you are in the car, don't you get the teensiest bit motion sick?