Friday, 5 March 2010

A bouquet of flowers

Today I have been working on a few card designs and here is one of them. The
background is brown paper treated with cooking oil and stamped in gold. I am very flat at the moment so nothing creative coming out right now. To be
loved is everything. Thank goodness for friends.x

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Marg said...

Sad to hear you are feeling flat, hope you feel happier soon. How did the market at Cambridge go? It looks like you have still been very busy even though you finished a thing a day. I wish I could be disciplined enough to do and finish something each day.

bubblemunch said...

It's beautiful - I can never imagine being able to stitch like you do!
Hope you get your fizz back soon :-)

Ylenia said...

this card is lovely, well done!
if you have spare time and would like to design and send me one just to say hello, it will be nice!
; ) (just joking)