Tuesday, 9 March 2010

looking for Love

This little long tailed tit has caused us so much amusement over the past few days. He spends his entire life banging into all the windows in the house trying to get the 'other' bird to come out! He doesn't seem to learn it isn't going to happen or that he just did it two minutes ago! I have taken video film of him but not been able to upload it yet. Poor little dude...I think he must be brain damaged

Tony and I went to Wicken Fen on Sunday with Rosie. It is the only local National Trust place you can take dogs although we had to keep her on the lead. We went 'off piste' and ended up wading through deep water and in places having to break the ice too!

Luckily we made it without ending up with wet feet.

I am starting to feel happier again now and I've been getting all my stuff together for a rerally creative thee days at Belstead. I am off on Friday morning till sunday evening. BLISS! I am hoping to work on lots of new card designs and then to really crack on and start marketing my cards and get them into a few shops. I might even be tempted to do a trade show. I shall have to see how much energy I can summon up!

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