Sunday, 10 January 2010


Here is my second batch of oatcakes made using my 87 year old mum's recipe. she has been making them for about 20 years on a regular weekly basis and she has perfected the recipe and simplified it so no re-rolling is required. I have made slight changes (why not?!) using less water and a different shape. Here is her original recipe with my changes below. Delicious, wholesome and very, very cheap to make.

Sheila’s Oatcakes:

½ lb medium oatmeal (Daily Bread)
¼ lb porridge oats
¼ teasp bicarbonate of soda
½ teasp salt
1 oz margarine (Stork)
Mix together and rub in the fat
*Add 225mls of ‘just off the boil’ water

Mix. Cut the dough in two and then roll out with plenty of oatmeal (not flour) to prevent sticking. Cut into oblongs (12 per half batch)
Bake at gas mark 5 for 20 mins
Place on cooling tray immediately

Moira's Oatckes:
*I use 200 mls and bung in the water as it is boiling!
Divide mixture into 6 balls. Roll out into rough circles using oatmeal, and cut each into 4 pieces

Bake in a fan oven at 170 degreesish for around 12 minutes, maybe longer until crisp. Adjust cooking times according to your oven

Have fun!
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