Sunday, 10 January 2010

snow dyeing.....!

This is all Harriet's fault and I hold her completely responsible for this disgusting mess but HOPEFULLY, gorgeous outcome! You see she rang me tonight to say that Elaine AND she had both taken full advantage of the snow and partaken in this ridiculous pursuit! Quilting Arts issue 41 page 62-64.
I have assembled my requirements....salt, soda ash, dyes, mixing stuff...

as well as my most useful piece of children's 'High Step'....the one they used to stand on to pee 35 years ago!!!
Note the neck shape...perfect for puking into
Ideal to fill with rinsing water on hair wash night
and just the thing to fill with dye and snow for this game

My pre-wetted with soda and salt solution fabric is scrunched up and laid on a plate glass ramp at an angle in my sink, with a cat litter tray at the bottom to collect some of the melted dye ( can't waste it can you so that will be tomorrow's blog)
That will probably mean having to make yet MORE eggbox paper!

Finally, a dye mix is added to the snow and then it it is piled onto the scrunched fabric and left to its own devices. It is 10.30 pm and I am working tomorrow so will peek at it at in the evening. I'll report back then.

As I can only upload 4 pictures at a time I have spared you the pictures of my bowl of snow scooped up in the dark. There are patches that look decidedly YELLOW!!!!! Ah well.....urea is often used in fabric may add to the end result!
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